Critical Commentary

Mat Gleason

Wini Brewer, June 2007


Wini Brewer's paintings embrace the ambiguous nature of memory. There is a joy in her compositions, a refreshed retelling of some anecdote from a day long ago, or even last month. Her pictures are a sip of lemonade or chardonnay as that lost summer day unfolds, is rediscovered and is cast again as a memory involving today. Her art is the worn truth of time delivering the totemic images of our forgotten consciousness to the present. 

A friend and a drink and a relaxed afternoon seem the right accompaniments to this artist's pictures. Her tales are without words though, images painted and collaged together in a casual manner, with an attention to their subject amidst a casual composition. But this is not a casual artist. Her pictures may relax the viewer as much as a late sunset porch swing, but it is the sort of meditative alertness that brings about an epiphany. Wini Brewer produces little  moments of putting it all together. 

A single painting of hers is like a short yarn while a few placed together have the makings of a rich novel. The details emerge in the associations. The patterns are in our minds but they manifest on the wall. A wall's worth of them are like the family quilt that tells so many stories from years of consistency. Her art is consistent in its quilt-like squares, but unique in each singular vision. While themes are recurring, they are never repeated, and when looking for patterns, one is more likely to arrive upon an unexpected twist of an old yarn, a truth redefined. You are looking at your memories and they have been painted as you never realized you remembered them.